What does Campbell Avenue do at Meridian? It is almost four lanes wide, for no reason.

Everyone was in Downtown Campbell tonight. Stumbling distance from the concert over by Ainsley House, Aqui and Sonoma both have food, and bars, and Sonoma had a band. People in the streets, almost literally. Too many cars. Should have wandered down from Campbell Park after the run on foot.

Not too warm out, ever, this summer.

Seems like they’re almost done around the bridge at Campbell Park. I still don’t really know what they’ve done exactly. Widened some things, made some other things more narrow. Christmas lights in the tunnel that is the overpass. Road behind the dentist office across from the park today was down to gravel.

Can’t believe it’s already Friday. Can’t believe it’s already August. See also 2011. See also 40. Told someone some stories tonight that were way older than they should have been. Music stories, which were from another life, except that they were even older than that. I’m used to people not believing those. I’m not used to not believing them myself.

Lots of to-do this weekend.