Age of Construction Fences

Would be cool to see the new Avengers movie at Century 21, not least because it’s been more than a year since the Centuries closed and they haven’t so much as started on whatever the new thing is. Obstruction by preservationists? Maybe. I’m actually into that, inside of what’s reasonable. … Continue reading

All of This Comes After

There were some really good records at Streetlight when I stopped there on the way home from Nike. J.J. Johnson, live somewhere somewhen, never been rereleased on CD. Nike was only a half this year, only saying only a half because it was also a full back in the day … Continue reading

Puzzle Pieces

There is going to be a new open space preserve east of 101 just northwest of Anderson Reservoir. Lots of public lands south and west of 101: Quicksilver, Calero, Uvas, Mt. Madonna. Less to the east. East is interesting, especially the way that the article hints at how this could connect … Continue reading

Everything New Will Be Old Again

The Merc is moving this weekend, heading back downtown after almost 50 years out on the road to Fremont. Sal Pizarro’s article is great. At the end, he (or somebody) posted a link to the movie below, which is incredible. A history of the “Mercury and News”, from the beginning through … Continue reading

Patrons Were Encouraged To Experiment

1983 – The first personal computers (Apple II) were installed at Saratoga and Los Altos libraries. It was coin operated and cost $3.00 per hour to use. Patrons were encouraged to experiment with the computer, which had a retail value of $8,500. It offered 35 programs, including preparing income tax … Continue reading

Natural Causes

This week in Facial Expressions That Don’t Match The Lyric: Two drummers is only cool when one of them sounds like they’re not there, like in this. Still, I really like this song. I don’t know why, but 1970s music makes me think of Yosemite Valley, which doesn’t make sense … Continue reading