The Moon is Probably Shrinking


No. Really.

Switching to WordPress this weekend. That should be fun. I think I've figured out how to do it so that the URL for the blog is the same as now, but I think the RSS feed will change. Hoping the one or two of you out there who that matters to will check the site next week for a new link.

Wednesday like a Wednesday


At about 4:50 PM most weekdays, seems like, a FedEx DC-10 floats in to SJC while I'm driving the other way on Guadalupe Parkway. That and the other cargo, UPS with their own DC-10s and some other company with a four-engine something or other, are the only big stuff landing in San Jose, if they're even considered big stuff anymore.

They're replacing the bridge over Los Gatos Creek at Campbell Avenue without actually taking it out first. Or they are just widening it. I heard that part of the project is to do something with the dark and gloomy that is 880 overhead at Campbell, walling off the Pruneyard and the Campbell downtown thing from each other. Andy's BBQ is long gone, and the two ranch houses behind it. The trail is really popular.

They're probably just widening the bridge, but I can't help but think that they're replacing the whole thing, and they just found a very contrived way to do the replacement-without-closure because otherwise, they take out the bridge, and Santa Clara County just doesn't have zoning for something to Actually Happen like that.

I finally installed WordPress, and it is way better than this. So I'm moving this to that. The thing is, the feed will be different, such that the one or two of you actually reading this will probably lose me. I'll try to post the URL of the new feed first. If nothing else, the blog URL will be the same.

None of that actually matters.

Waddell Creek this weekend. Twelve miles, out to Berry Creek Falls and back. I've got all kinds of weird non-starter plans, like camp friday at Jay Camp then run to the run, then hike back after. The weather is supposed to be perfect. Looking forward to it.

Apps and Apps


You don't need a Tumblr iPad app.

No, not because the browser is awesome. The browser isn't awesome. It isn't bad either though, and maybe this is one of the reasons why. You can put a web link on your home screen.

Hardly earth-shattering. The thing is, the other icons on your home screen are all applications. The web link/bookmark looks exactly like one of those. And when the web page in question is something like Tumblr, or Flickr, or that blue website, or some other faux-social time suck, the main difference between the web link on your home screen and the app icons on your home screen dissolves.

I'm the last iPad owner to figure this out. I know. Still, just in case I'm not, what you do to do this is create a bookmark for a site in the browser, and make sure to check out all the options when you do that. One of them "is put an icon on the home screen" or something. (No, I'm not going back and checking the wording of that. You'll find it.) That's it.

Now if only the browser had tabs, and the home screen had folders, and I could open a whole folder of these links in tabs by doing something to the folder.

Sunday I'm getting up mad-early to run the first half of the San Francisco Marathon. If I wake up early enough, and stay awake long enough, it should be a fun morning, including running across the Golden Gate Bridge and back again. Tempting to come home Highway 1. We'll see.

High Fructose Corn Syrup


At the Safeway at Hamilton and Meridian this afternoon, and I started reading labels. High fructose corn syrup. Everywhere. It's like the alien invasion movie, where the hero realizes his whole town is under alien control. Of corn syrup.

Made some different choices.

Running St. Joseph's Hill this morning, there's a new trail, down from the top of the hill by the clearing that used to be a gun range, or could have been. You run up the side of the gun range, then down over to the other trail again quickly. Seems like it has been a use trail forever, and they just lately signed it. Or maybe it has been signed forever. Who knows.

Not enough weekend left.



Just watched the season finale of Treme. With all due respect to the rest of the show, well made and all of that, really awesome, but I kind of want the whole next season to be about the trombone player. The guy has one liners like Stark in the Iron Man sequel. I sort of want to be that guy, and not just because he actually plays, and definitely not because he didn't make anything look easy.

The show was unbelievably interesting. It made me want to go to New Orleans, and it made me feel like I shouldn't go there, because they have enough problems. Still. Maybe it was just all the music in the show, all the time. Many, many easter eggs for the music geek.

Digging blogging from the iPad. Not enough photos, that's actually harder here, but just writing everything down is easier.

They approved the Safeway where Mervyn's used to be.

Looking forward to some time off of work.

If this is still in your RSS reader after all this time, now you're starting to see some updates, aren't you? More to come.

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