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Clear and cold, January-style, such that the transplants always bitching about how we don't have weather here probably acutally have a point, but, what? Are they saying they miss it? Is it a preference? I never understand.

The lights at the top of the Adobe building: San Jose Semaphore. Going south on Guadalupe Parkway across downtown, they're visible from way off, and the puzzle aside, they're legitimately beautiful. They're the most interesting thing to look at on the skyline, running away with it. Apparently they display an encoded message over and over again. Sorry, I have no idea what the message is except that it's probably not "NO, WE'RE NEVER MAKING AN OS X VERSION OF FRAMEMAKER" or All Your Base Are Belong To Us (though, yeah, it really should be that. Just once, after this guy solves it, as it seems he surely will, or did, that post being from August. Or not. But my quick money's on him.)

If that guy and his friends are on the right track, two years to solve the thing seems about right. It sounds very difficult.

It is interesting to me how little there is on the Web about this thing. The art, with its code payload, is grade-A geekbait, cast into the North First Street commute drainage that is Guadalupe Parkway like a plug for steelhead trout in the Russion River. There's things to link to, like that guy's blog, but not as much as you think. It inspires a Totally Irresponsible Yet Probably True Statement about the Internet: everything is indeed on the Internet, but for more than a few things that isn't saying much, and those things don't map to any demographics the way you think they would. Mass adoption of a medium means never getting to say you saw the content coming, maybe.

I hope the solution, when discovered, makes a splash in the local media, the Merc, something. It'll be interesting to know what we've been soaking in.

Short, this one. I was blocked on what to write until that picture slid off my camera unexpectedly usable. To be fair, I got an idea from a friend at the last moment, but I'll save that for superbowl weekend. Send me some mail, if you are so inclined, and have a good week.