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Hi. Sorry. It's been a while, I know. Mostly it's been the smaller number of things driving out the larger number of things, but also a lack of photographs, and a lack of topic.

The lack of topic thing hasn't really changed. The last few installments gave me delusions of having some kind of actual point with this stuff in the new year, and without knowing it, I came down with a paralyzing case of The Standards, and there's really nothing for it but to either write complete crap and post it shamelessly, or wait it out, go dark, let things happen when they will and all that.

So this will be some combination of the both, in effect.

There's been more running. Yesterday was 20 miles in Montery. The photo's from last year, this year I didn't run with my camera. This year we also got out on the trail a little later than that, but ran by there just the same. Was a good run, especially for 20 miles. Now a 4 week taper into the race, which is longer than usual, but the extra week is more psychological thanything else. It'll be fine, except, you know, for the paranoia and second guessing.

Any-way, here's some notes on the Grammys...a week late:

The Police were good.

Justin Timberlake was ridiculous pretending to play piano on one tune, then flaring his nostrils at this weird handheld webcam thing in the next song.

Dixie Chicks had the song of the year? Where have I been, and how do I get back there?

Gnarls Barkley was a new one for me. Made me think I was smoking something. He and his whole band were wearing airline flight crew dress uniforms, with Gnarls as the Captian/Pilot. Thing is, nothing else about the set around them was going that way at all. Also, at one point in the beginning of the song, his keyboard player just vanished. They had the camera on "Gnarls" the whole time, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t eat him or anything, but still. All I caught of the lyrics to the song was that Gnarls is crazy. All in all, just the right kind of unintentionally hillarious. I'm probably going to at least get the song off of iTunes…it was a cool tune, besides.

Fun to watch Ludacris read his speech, that is, his list of names to thank, off of a post-it while wearing gigantic sunglasses that looked dark enough to weld with.

Steve Wonder doesn't care what you think about what he has to say. Very unscripted, very fun, if only for him, and, well, me.

Shakira. Mmmmm. Someone said Wyclef Jean performed with her. I don't remember.

John Mayer is going to get sued by Joe Perry, and then by Johnnie Depp, and then by Joe Cocker. He's actually managed to be a clone of all three of them. And when did he start marketing himself as some kind of guitar god?

All in all, more entertaining than I thought it would be, unintentionally and otherwise. Like the Oscars but less boring.

That will have to pass for an update this week. Shameless, but hopefully better than nothing. See you soon!