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Yeah, months. I know.

I'm back. I was gone for a while.

Europe! Who knew?

Runnning the Rome marathon was an incredible adventure. It was a little ridiculous. The thing is, a marathon is a life-changing experience anywhere. Put it in Italy, on my first trip to Europe, after my best season of training ever, and we're well over the border into Unprecedentia. Just about every single aspect of the race and the rest of the trip went better than I had any reason to expect. I would love to be able to go back in time to before the trip and just tell myself to relax. I had been terrified of guidebook-described crime and uncertainty, such that I was wildly overprepared.

Going back someday for sure.

Next week is June. I want to sue somebody on those grounds, but I can't find anyone. This summer I have goals. Cause you've gotta have goals. One of my goals is to get this website going much more regularly. That may mean changing things so that they're easier to maintain. I'm jealous of friends like my friend Meera, her husband Puzzled, my friend Mike, and others. (Yes, something else that needs updating around here is the links page, it's true.)

I'd follow them to Blogger, but one of the things I like about this site is that it's just me and my ISP. Go ahead. View source. There's nothing to this. It's great. It's also a giant pain in the neck to update. The fact is, whatever else I'd like to say about web-served blogware, it makes it really easy to post, and post often, and find old posts, and everything else.

So yeah, I'm probably going to learn some things this summer. RSS, for instance. How the insert-punative-underworld-here does an XML file become something called a "feed"?

Stick around.

Hope you had a good 3-day weekend. Happy Memorial Day! (Can't say it better than Lileks, but I can link to his site. So there. (That won't work tomorrow, but it will link to tomorrow's bleat instead, but if you don't read the bleat yet, you should be, so click the broken link. It's Web 3.0. There will be no broken links, just "content-rich chaos" CrC. Yeah, there's the hip non-acronymn. Blog about it. You were there. You read about it here.