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This article won't start with an apology about how long it's been since the last one.

Ran 10 miles in Half Moon Bay yesterday, after going to the Giants game the night before. It was a fun game and a good weekend, but it also felt a little like it had taken me 24 hours to get home from work.

Really looking forward to a vacation-time-enhanced, five-day weekend coming up.

The photo is from the main church in Siena. If you ever go, compare the Duomo in Florence to this one. Florence looks looted, by contrast.

Wednesday was Fourth of July, and the start of my lost weekend. My company gave me Wednesday and Thursday off, such that I only had to take Friday to make a five day weekend. It should have been so much more. I'd planned great restoration, great cleaning, great music-fueled reorganization of body, mind, and condominium, and instead I just slept. In the daytime.

Wrote that a couple of weeks ago, and it still applies.

More from here soon.