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This is what happens when no one is looking.

Hello, and Happy New Year. This is the As Yet Untitled Article. In here I’m going to try to do my best Lorax imitation and speak for all of the things that have happened while no one was looking around my hometown of San Jose, California, the music that gets played (everywhere) while (relatively) no one is listening, and anything else I want to write about.

The thing is, the things that happen when no one is looking are the things that happen just because they can, in most cases. That is certainly the case here.

This is the place where I can write about things like Gubserville, Burbank, Forbes Mill, the fact that the original site of Ainsley House is now in San Jose, rather than Campbell, and that the original site embodies the most characteristic kind of Santa Clara Valley inconsistency: a strip mall with all the usual suspects, but with a weirdly inefficient parking lot, because someone saw fit, thankfully, to save the redwood trees, such that there’s this wonderful, never-used little park island so that these tall redwoods can remain in the midst of otherwise completely, utterly, nondescript contemporary food and movie-rental retail. The trees are behind the stores, who's front doors face inward as well, such that the back walls of each establishment can join together to be as unwelcoming as possible to the busy corner of Hamilton and Bascom Avenues, in the best pedestrian-alienating suburban tradition.

Someday, a post like this will include pictures of things like that, but since the post is about a week late, I've decided the perfect is the enemy of the good. My home computer turned off last weekend, mid-keystroke, and refused to turn on again, such that it took a trip to Texas where a technician managed to fix it without wiping the drive, bless his soul.

The picture above is me, practicing my horn while attending junior high school. The wall behind me has a window in it now, and everything else about that room is different too. Everything but the sincerity. I really like the kid in the picture. To me today he's completely sincere, but in such a way that if someone were to tell him that it's almost like he'd come back with some kind of horror-movie style inappropriately adult voice to say, as the camera cut to him shockingly, "Don't think I don't know what's coming."

Like I said, I like that kid.

I say on the front page that this site isn't going to be about politics, or other blogs, but that doesn't mean it isn't going to be about itself from time to time, especially now, just getting started. Nevertheless, I hope you'll return, and often. Whether or not you like what you read and see, send me some email at mike at this domain, let me know what you think, and correct what I've gotten wrong. Tell me if there's something I should write about here too. In short, if you don't like the site, tell me. Either way, it's probably not in its final form. There probably isn't a final form. I'm mostly hoping this tree isn't just another one falling in a lonely forest. Help me see if it makes a sound, ok?

Thanks for visiting. See you next week!