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No photoshop, just a turkey vulture making a low pass, and me doing everything I can to center it in the frame. I like it though.

That was the weekend before last. It was stupid, ugly hot, all day and all night. Hotter inside than outside. Killing hot. People all over town were sleeping in the yard, doing anything to stay cool. Power outages. The whole mess.

I discovered the outside temperature readout in my car that weekend. I always knew it was there, but that weekend I was watching it like the quote for a stock I'd sold short, cheering when it'd go back under 100 at night. The last few days it's been back in the 70s, the doors in the house aren't jammmed anymore, you can't smell the hardwood floors cooking, you're not turning off the computer for fear it will fail off-scale hot at some point. You're not afraid the table the computer is on will fail off-scale hot, for that matter.

The vulture was swinging low over a northerly stretch of the Los Alamitos Creek trail. We were out there on a run, training, some of us training for one run, some of us training for another, all of us raising money for cancer research and patient services. This is my fourth season with Team In Training, and it's going by almost as quickly as that bird did: It doesn't seem like it's going by that fast, and then it's gone. Along the way, every single season, we've had more fun than we could stand. This season is no different.

Please donate if you can. 76% of every dollar raised goes to research and patient services. Some little kid is getting a spinal tap tomorrow, to fight this disease. That means, relatively speaking that most of the rest of us don't actually have problems. That little kid should have more life. Let's help the scientists and the doctors and the parents, where we can, ok? Thanks, end of pitch. See the links page for a few new, well, links. Catch up with you soon.